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Dec 3, 2013 3:30pm PST
of cuts that the obama care plan made. so everybody who wanted to go there under those plans is now being excluded. you go around the country and talk about people who can't get cancer treatments, i would suggest to you that in many ways obama care is a war on people with critical disease. >> just wait until the employers have the option of drop the insurance coverage. if you think things are bad now on the individual mandate, wait until the employers and businesses drop the plans. >> your solution -- >> the president made a specific promise. let me just finish. not just that people could keep their insurance, but he made a specific promise that if people wanted to keep their high ded t deductible insurance, that they could keep their insurance. now that promise hasn't been kept. millions of people -- >> i have a question. i have a question for you. because your solution seems to be, is your solution because you referred to that insurance companies are supposedly -- >> i know what you're going to ask. >> insurance companies are going to let people stay on their parents' insurance un
Dec 9, 2013 3:30pm PST
. let's focus on the art of the possible and move the country forward. >> you just had the person in charge of the obama care website tender her resignation and i think you accepted it. >> no. just to be unique, we have a non-profit organization. the state is not running it. if it was, i would be in charge. >> would you have accepted it? >> what happened was somebody from our organization is going to step in. what we're going to do is take it to where the people are. this, after all, is not an argument about president obama, not an argument about whether to advance the insurance companies. it's to get insurance to people who don't have it. so we're going out to the community health centers, the drugstores, we're going to do it in three dimensions, with people in real time. >> if you were president and secretary sebelius offered her resignation, would you accept it? >> i wouldn't raise my hand either. you're talking about tax raises in a debate. that's just a hypothetical question about secretary sebelius. my concentration, just as it is with unemployment is not worrying about the com
Dec 2, 2013 3:30pm PST
fails? that's the only strategy, as best as i can tells. >> remember the shovel ready? remember obama care, demonstrated weakness around the world? >> again, this is your whole strategy. >> it's not a strategy. >> but what is your strategy? you have no strategy for getting jobs for the country, no strategy for immigration. am i wrong? >> the next time i do this showing i'm bringing a couple hundred bills to show you. >> on the still his, the economic is in fact growing, jobs are being added. this republican party is a lot different than the one you ran, speaker gingrich. republicans back then were actually bringing why is to the table. >> let's do everything we can do derail them. >> my friend here, you guys tortured him, tried to demonize him every day, every second, so don't fall for that. >> i was in high school. >> not you. >> presidents can recover. usually if they get in deep trouble, they recovered by getting a new team. your former boss, mr. gibbs, who just had a great weekend in the auburn victory. he said something very clear today about what ought to be happening. i think w
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3